The Void is the expanse of nothingness which predated the Creation. Apparently limitless in its original scope, it was the very embodiment of nothingness and thus defied description. It was in this expanse that God first developed higher awareness. The Void was then reduced with the ensuing First and Second-Generation Creations, which filled much of the emptiness. However it has been revealed that vestiges of the Void remain beyond the borders of the Omniverse.

The Void has been described in some accounts as, essentially, the ultimate natural vacuum, exponentially moreso than the deepest depths of Space. Being pure nothingness, any actual substance that even enters the remains of the Void is instantly exposed to tremendous and near unmeasurable forces of dissolution that would rend most known physical matter at an even atomic level. In fact, it has been shown that near cosmic levels of power are required simply for a being or object to retain its integrity level within the expanse of the Void.

Much about the Void remains a mystery, especially as it existed prior to Creation. That Time Before Time is beyond the capability of this reference to accurately analyze or gauge. Even the concept of a limitless expanse of nothingness is beyond most spatial-temporal beings. Its remains beyond the boundaries of creation likewise remain an incomrehensible and unmeasurable unknown.

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