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The Visionary Universe is the universe of record for the purposes of this reference project. It began at 0.0PC with the beginning of time, and ended at 30,000,000,000.PC with the end of all existence. It existed as a spatial-temporal reality, with fairly standard measures of various foundational forces, including space and time. The measures of those forces within the Visionary Universe were pretty near a standard average for the overall Omniverse and its actual linear progression of time flow was in unison with the Post-Creation Calendar used in this reference.

The Visionary Universe draws its name from a reference to it by the being known as the Chronicler, who observed that it was those within this universe who first became aware of and responded to a massive crisis that would sweep all of creation. Upon the revelation that the actions of a select few natives of this universe had long ago set in motion the necessary means of defense against the threat, and would spearhead the gathering and command of those champions gathered in creation's defense, the Chronicler reflected that this was truly a "visionary universe."

It also draws its name from the fact that the actual events of this universe are chronicled in works of supposed fiction in another universe, those works were all works of fiction created by a studio known as Visionary Comics. It remains to be seen what sort of link exists between the reality and the creation of this 'fictional setting.'