Supplementary material is a term used to refer to creative content that is more background oriented, having more to do with backstory, or non-critical aspects of a character, place or event. In other words, it is the type of content that may be revealed in a story, but is not usually the center or crux of a story. It is the preferred and encouraged form of all-original creative content generated for the Visionary Universe Wiki.

The Wiki, like most reference projects for fictional settings, serves the primary purpose of providing a comprehensive and up-to-date reference guide to any story set within the Visionary Universe. Contributors are welcome to provide such reference material based on characters, places, and events that are developed in stories as with any wiki reference project.

In addition, by unique invitation from Visionary Comics, contributors are also invited to generate original, never before revealed content concerning the Visionary Universe as well. However, by the spirit, policies and guidelines of the wiki, that invitation extends to the addition of supplementary material, or background material for entries that are created based on actual story content. It is this content that will most likely be retained as canon and integrated into actual stories whenever appropriate.

The wiki is not meant to replace actual stories as being the primary source of development for the Visionary Universe, but to be a resource in expanding the richness and depth of the setting with the accurate referencing of stories and the inclusion of additional background material never before revealed.

By way of example...

  • A new character is introduced in a story, showing their origin. Expanding an entry with detailed information concerning major events in their later life, such as a marriage, major transformation, injury or death would be a violation of the intent of the wiki and quickly weeded out. However, adding content that describes their hobbies, preferred food or other more trivia oriented information is always welcome.
  • A species is introduced in a longer work, giving a good bit of detail on them. Expanding their entry with different cultural traditions, words of their language, other social norms and history would add depth to them as a part of the setting overall.
  • A brand of product is revealed in a story, a detailed entry concerning the background, development, manufacture and nature of that product, thoroughly detailing an otherwise minor element, adds to the tapestry of the whole.

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