Term used to refer to one who is the conceiver or originator of a given creation. In its strictest sense, a creator is one who brings forth creation from nothingness, something totally new, totally original. In that sense the only known true creator is God.

This term is also specifically used to refer to one of the three personas of God, or one of the three aspects of Trinity. The Creator aspect was the more primal persona directly linked with the conceptions of God. It was thus Creator who conceived all that creation would be, the concepts that gave life to the Angelic Host, who fashioned Heaven, and indeed all of both the First and Second-Generation Creations.

These conceptions were then focused and brought fully into being through the persona of Word. The persona of Spirit was then bound into all of it, forming an intimate connection between creation and God. This was then the basis for the Trinitarian aspect of God.

God is also often referred to as the Creator-Word-Spirit in honor of this fact.

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