For the purpose of the Visionary Universe wiki, creative content is identified as that content which is original to the wiki itself and which deals with fictional concepts or material.

This includes reference material developed and written concerning clearly canonical material from published and produced works. It also includes all material developed originally for this wiki in order to expand the Visionary Universe in terms of reference material added to articles or entries within the wiki. It can refer to material fully intended as canon which has either been reviewed and approved, or is still pending approval, and intentionally or speculative apocryphal material as well. Such content also is the basis of both Primary Source Articles and Secondary Source Articles, both groups of which are written from the perspective of being within the Visionary Universe.

Creative content is differentiated from Narrative Content, which is any content or information contained in the wiki which provides administrative, policy or other guidelines material, or any content which gives reference information on real world sources.

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