A CreationWell opening

Created / Designed: C. Edward Sellner

A CreationWell is a manifestation caused by sustained use of the primal power known as the Power Divine, to engage in the act of creation. To date, the only documented Wells were formed by the entity known as God.

The Power Divine, which originates with God, is a primal, endless and eternal form of energy which pre-existed and thus defies all physical laws. It is not properly part of the Spatial-Temporal Reality, or Second Generation Creation and thus is not bound by the limitations of that creation.

When that Power is steadily channeled in a sustained act of creation, it bends all reality around it to its work and it is this phenomenon that leads to a CreationWell's formation.

The exact nature of the Wells are unknown and most likely beyond definition. However, there are elements of the Wells that can be examined and documented.

The core of the Wells are focused concentrations of the Power Divine, being used for creation. The event horizons of the Wells, appearing similar to the event horizons of black holes, have been theorized to be the perceivable bending of all existing reality in the process of the creation of all new reality. It is generally believed that when something is truly created, something from nothing, there is a subtle shift, or change to all existing reality, as if the new creation must somehow be assimilated into the grander design of the whole existing creation. If so, the Well's visible aspect has been theorized to be the focused re-writing of that reality at the point of creation, bending it for that assimilation process.

It has also been stated, though not confirmed nor quantified, that the Well itself somehow magnifies the Power Divine which manifests it, somehow causing the primal energy to feed on itself, becoming vastly more powerful.

The only known CreationWells documented formed when God created the Angelic Host of the First-Generation Creation and the Primal Atom of the Second-Generation Creation.