Term used to refer to the act of, or product of a process of original idea formation or generation. It is specifically used for original or new ideas, not alterations, or adjustments to existing ones.

It is often used in the context of speaking of the nature of God and God's relationship to Creation as the entire Creation, in essence, represents the collective conceptions of God.

The term is also sometimes used to refer to the collective scope of such creative process at any level by any group of beings, in terms of the limits embodied by them. For example, it is often noted that the nature and reality of the First-Generation Creation is beyond the conception of those of the Second-Generation Creation,. Similarly the reality of beings of Essence being beyond the conception of beings of Substance. These references simply mean that those higher levels of reality are beyond the perception, understanding or comprehension of the lower levels, such that beings from those lower levels would not be able to even begin to imagine those higher levels of existence.

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