Term used by the Heavenly Host to refer a process wherein Essence Beings co-mingle or merge their forms. Essence, being non-substance based, or ephemeral, is capable of intermingling with other essence, similar, by way of example, to the way two liquids of similar viscocity intermix if poured into a single container.

Essence beings who engage in such co-mingling or merging of form experience an intense and intimate bond wherein their full nature can be shared with the other. This bond allows for the sharing of thoughts and feelings, in truth every aspect of the beings engaging in the process, including their very sense of self and identity. Essence Beings, in their natural form, exist in a state where all of their being is contained in all parts of their form. They do not possess localized organs such as a brain that contains neurological impulses that comprise their thoughts and feelings. Instead, any given part of their form contains all that they are, thus mingling that form with another is to mingle their entire selves with that other.

That being said, it is known that the process of communion can be altered significantly under certain circumstances and even abused. For example, it is known that on occassion various beings of essence have intentionally withheld various aspects of their nature from the process of communion by altering their form, withdrawing those aspects they wish to remain hidden to a localized region of their form and sealing it away. Such tactics only work in lesser forms of communion, where a total sharing and merging do not take place, and the exact limits have yet to be tested or quantified. It is also known that a significantly more powerful essence being, or one of similar power, with the element of surprise, can use communion as a means of overpowering another. In such situations, the aggressor may be able to force elements of their essence onto another to such a degree as to overwhelm or corrupt the very essence of the other, leading to substantial transformation in the other being against their will.

There are also rumors and legends of communion going awry leading to the complete and total merger of the beings engaged, to the point they were no longer able to differentiate into their seperate forms, leading to the formation of a unique living entity which was a composite of the merged beings. This phenomenon has yet to be verified or defined.

Communion, as a process and a form of intimacy has been compared to human sexual relations where two people engage in intimate physical union, however even the most intimate and personal sexual union pales in comparison to the intimacy, sense of connection and sharing of communion itself.