This category contains a master listing of uncommon, distinct, or unique terms used in the Visionary Universe Wiki. Entries will provide definitions of the terms, and, when able, links to other more thorough entries in other reference systems.

These terms will generally fall under one or more of the following defining characteristics:

  • Terms used elsewhere, but unfamiliar enough that they warrant some definition in this context. These terms will include Wikipedia links for more thorough definitions and descriptions whenever available.
  • Terms used in the context of the Wiki that are unique to the Visionary Universe, and will thus not be defined elsewhere. These terms can include, but not be limited to, scientific, philosophical, religious, or other conceptual terms defined and used in the context of the Wiki itself.
  • Terms originating from, or unique to any specialized group, culture, race, or species.
  • Terms or words of other languages and their translation and definitions.

Sub-categories will group similar terms based on subject matter, definition, origins, language etc.


This category has the following 18 subcategories, out of 18 total.



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