From time to time Moderators will create a page with the following text:

This article is currently in a major pre-development phase in conjunction with the release of an upcoming series from Visionary Comics Studio. As a result, while nothing is currently posted there is a great deal of material already established that will be posted further along in production. Contributors can still feel free to post Apocryphal material, but keep in mind that you are posting on an entry already fleshed out by Visionary creators and the majority of information posted at this stage will most likely soon be removed when the official entry is built out.

Then signed by the Moderator posting.

These are the only type of Placeholder Articles preferred on the wiki, as they are used for the sole purpose of notifying potential contributors of main entries that will soon receive a good deal of development and defining information. This is done to allow them to make well-informed decisions regarding adding content that will most likely be considered apocryphal, and may easily be contradicted and removed in the near future.

These should only be posted by Moderators of the Wiki, not general contributors.

Following are a list of currently posted articles of this category.

Pages in category "Development Placeholders"

The following 4 pages are in this category, out of 4 total.

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