December 2012Edit

The Visionary Universe Wiki was launched in 2006, and while the intention was always to focus more energy on the studio properties earlier on, the realities of the industry, other projects and demands often relegated the VU to the 'backburner'. However, with Visionary's growing reputation, their critical success in the market with their Deadlands titles, and a renewed focus on production of original content, 2013 promises to be a great year for the Visionary Universe!

Visionary Comics Studio currently has several Visionary Universe projects in development, including prose and comics. The first titles are scheduled to be released in 2013. As a result, Moderators are doing a full review and upgrade on current content in the Wiki in order to lay the groundwork for increased activity once those releases go live. Look for new supplementary material to be added daily, then active content to begin as the initial releases hit. -C. Edward Sellner (talk) 13:28, December 5, 2012 (UTC)

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