Term used to refer to a type of concept that existed on levels beyond normal, ordinarily understood conception. Abstract concepts were concepts that originated with higher level beings, or from higher levels of existence than the typically perceived spatial-temporal existence. These concepts could often be given their own independent form, either brought about by the being from whom they originated, or, in some rare cases were able to take on such form of their own initiative.

Abstract Concepts were not simply 'ideas' but their own form of existence. To better understand this, one should keep in mind that all of Creation was actually various conceptions of God given form. Angels specifically were entities whose very existence were bound within a single concept of the Divine. As such, other beings, of sufficient power, and at times, the very creation itself, have been known to develop concepts which were able to evolve outside of their point of origin, taking on their own limited form of life and awareness.

It is difficult to classify or specificy such concepts as each was understandably unique, with their own points of origination, development and manifestation as well as their own unique form, function and 'awareness'. As such, one should refer to the individual entries of such concepts for more information.

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