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Term used to refer to a classification of being. Specifically, an entity that embodies a concept or force of nature beyond Spatial-Temporal norms. Abstract Beings represent a wide range of entities of varying origins, nature, powers and abilities often distinct and unique from any other. However, there are certain common characteristics of the class which can be used to define its members.

Abstract beings are non-terrestrial in origin. Unlike many other classes of beings who vary, every known Abstract Being 'evolved' out of the underlying concept or force they embody. No known beings of this class were once more terrestrial, 'normal' beings who were enhanced or artificially evolved into this class.

Abstract Beings as a whole are beings who exist on levels beyond the physical and mental norm. Many do not possess physical forms at all, existing as pure energy, thought or other insubstantial form. Others are able to manifest physical forms, but do so on varying levels, including the use of form-sheathes, or perceptual forms which do not limit them, merely provides a means for them to interact at the level of the Spatial-Temporal Reality. Others do possess physical forms, but those forms are usually far more then mere biological based bodies, even if they appear as such.

These entities are nebulous and often only superficially sentient, they are more focused concentrations of tremendous forces which underlie existence and who achieve some rudimentary intelligence. Though they may be sentient, they live to function, or exist in the essence of the concept or force which they embody.

On the rare occassions these beings actually manifest in physical form they may display various powers and abilities, which vary greatly in their form, function, and degree. Quite often, when these beings take on form and display such powers, those powers are more a function of their nature and not necessarily abilities governed by their will, anymore than a storm governs where its lightning will strike by a matter of conscious choice.

Due to their nature, these beings are immortal, bound to the concepts and forces they embody. To date, the only known entities who have so manifested are those tied to fundamental, underlying forces that are an integral part of existence, thus eternal in a sense even beyond immortality.

Due to their nature, most operate in arenas far beyond the limits and boundaries of a single world or even solar system. Some operate throughout the universe of their origin, which can include the ablity to move through varying dimensions, planes or other levels of reality, as well as the ability to move through vast distances of normal space. Some are not even bound by a single universe and are thus able to function throughout the Omniverse as a whole.

For more specific information, one is referred to various individual entries of specific beings within this class.