Universe of Origin: Visionary Universe

See Also 15,000,000,065.PC entry in the Chronicles.

This year, 2050 AD, or 2050 CE, or MML, as marked in the Gregorian Calendar, was a significant year in human history. It was a critical and pivotal year actually throughout the existence of the entire Omniverse. Drastic upheavals and significant events of immeasurable impact were commonplace during this year of history, which forever changed the social, political, and even geophysical status quo of the Earth, and beyond. See The Chronicles for full details. There has not been any revealed cause or relationship shown for these events, or any triggering connection to this particular year however, there are theories put forth that some underlying trigger was indeed connected to the full sequence of events.

See individual entries for more details.

Additional ResourcesEdit

  • Wikipedia Article on 2050, written currently from the perspective of 2012, as a projection of events.

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