Universe of Origin: Visionary Universe

See Also 15,000,000,035.PC entry in the Chronicles.

This year, 2020 AD, or 2020 CE, or MMXX, as marked in the Gregorian Calendar, was a significant year in human history. It marked the beginning of the appearance of superhuman abilities in the general populace. It also marked the instigation, or escalation of several major conflicts, and a number of major public revelations of events and groups which had previously been seen merely as urban legends, folk tales, or myths.

The year is generally regarded in the history of humanity as a major turning point in the social, political, and cultural arenas for all of humanity. Indeed, many of the events which took place, or began in this year, would have far reaching impact throughout the globe and far into the future.

See individual entries for more details.

Additional ResourcesEdit

  • Wikipedia Article on 2020, written currently from the perspective of 2012, as a projection of events.

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